Martín was born on October 25th, 1978, in Rosario City. Since he was a boy, he have felt atraction for the theater and the experience of acting.
That was why he decided to take theater courses and started to be relationed with all this ambient.
He don’t even know why, but he found himself clowing around at the streets, like a method of expression.
He have taken part of a proffesional theater group for some time, but then he decide to set up his own solitary work adventure doing circus art.
He were defenitively guided with the spontaneous contact, the sorprise, the infinit intensity of the ephemeral things turned into emotion.
In 2003, he realized 3 shows, one of that with Aldo Villagra. He have participed with this shows in many festivals
and he have been travelled around in a lot of citys and village from Argentina, Lationamerica and Europe.


Clown teacher for childreens and adults
Participation in the staff of “Arts Urban School in Rosario”

Organization of the Festival: “Payasadas 2003” – III International Meeting of Clowners and Urban Artists

Cinema: French Film “Lucky Luke”- Director: James Huth 2009
Italian Film “Nuovo Mondo”- Director: Emanuelle Crialese 2006

Since 1998 at present, the streets have turned a non conventional stage spaces. In that kind of
Theater, the non daily action leaves there trades of beauty, la beauté est dans la rue, praying the walls of French, 68`.
As a starting point, its all related with coming back to the existante of the beauty of the act, in the elemental of the social structure,
in the common spaces, in the daily overwhelming repetition wich try to break in front of a magic act, in front of the simple
appearance of a paper turned into wings. Parks, fairs and theaters from different cities known the magic and skill of Mr. Klo.

Now, some of the roads…

  • (2019) 58º Festival Nacional de Teatro Infantil, Necochea, Argentina.
  • (2018) Invernar en la Moringa Festival de Circo, Paraná, Argentina.
  • (2017) Festival de Artes Escenicas AURA, La Plata, Argentina.
  • (2016) VIV Encuentro Internacional de Teatro para Niños, Santa Fé, Argentina.
  • (2015) VIII Festival Internacional Tiempo de Teatro, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  • (2015) 5º Festival Internacional de Teatro del Litoral y el más allá, Carmelo, Uruguay
  • (2014) FITECA Fiesta Internacional de Teatro en calles abiertas, Comas, Lima Perú.
  • (2014) C I J A C VII Festival de las Artes de Villa El Salvador, Lima, Perú.
  • (2014) FESTINIÑOS 7º Festival Internacional de Teatro, Titeres y Clowns para niños, Arequipa, Perú.
  • (2013) Festival Nacional de la PAYASADA, Tandil, Argentina.
  • (2012) AJUTAP, Festival Internacional de Teatro, Univ. de San Marcos, Lima, Perú.
  • (2012) Encuentro Internacional de Teatro “Arribando al puerto de Maracaibo” Maracaibo, Venezuela.
  • (2012) Festival Circo Abierto, Capital Federal,Argentina.
  • (2012) PLOP! Encuentro de Humor y Circo, en Saladillo, Prov. Buenos Aires.
  • (2011) PERIMETRAL Muestra Internacional de Teatro, Ciudad de La Costa, Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • (2011) IX Encuentro Internacional de Teatro Del Borde, Las Flores, Buenos Aires.
  • (2011) 2°Encuentro de Circo y Arte, Mercedes,  Buenos Aires.
  • (2011) Festival “Norestada” 1° Festival de Teatro Independiente Cono Urbano Norte, Buenos Aires
  • (2009) Encuentro internacional de teatro popular “Nuestra América” San Fernando, Bs. As.
  • (2008) III Festival de circo “Hazme Reír”. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
  • (2007) Teatro para la resistencia. 1º  Festival internacional de teatro. Posadas, Argentina.
  • (2007) 1º Festival Internacional de Arte Callejero de la ciudad de Villa Gesell. Argentina.
  • (2007) FIRA DE TÁRREGA Festival internacional de artes escénicas. Cataluña España.
  • (2006) PAYASADAS V Encuentro Internacional de Payasos y Artistas Urbanos. Rosario. Argentina.
  • (2005)6º CARCAJADAS Festival Internacional de Humor. Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  • (2004) PAYASADAS IV Encuentro Internacional de Payasos y Artistas Urbanos. Rosario. Argentina.
  • (2004) 5º  CARCAJADAS Festival Internacional de Humor Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
  • (2004) RisToc II Encuentro Internacional de Artistas Urbanos. Rosario. Argentina.
  • (2003) 8° Convención Argentina de Malabares, Circo y Espectáculos Callejeros. La Falda  Prov. Córdoba. Argentina.
  • (2003) PAYASADAS III Encuentro Internacional de Payasos y Artistas Urbanos. Rosario. Argentina.